How Music Influences Your Mood?

Music Works For Your Mood – For Real

If you say that the music is a synonym for your emotions you aren’t going to make a mistake. Music influences your emotions and mood like no other phenomenon in the world, find more info on .

Yet, we still don’t realize how exactly music influences our mood? Why is that important to know? If we know more we would be able to influence our mood in a positive way.

Emotion, Sound and Experience

According to the findings of the numerous researches, music has a unique ability to affect our mood in more than one way. In the very essence of this intriguing phenomenon are tone and rhythm.

Did you know that you listen to a certain music rhythm, your heart actually tries to follow and synch with it. For instance, very vivid beating is an obvious sign that you’re excited and happy. The appropriate music rhythm can influence your heart beating and therefore your mood.

On the other side, music tones are also important. All music pieces send a specific “message” to your brain, it later process in a form of the reciprocal emotional response.

Both of these music elements have a profound impact on your brain and emotions. Read more What’s Music Therapy All About?

 impact on your brain and emotions

New Information and Research Findings

As you might’ve expected, the things are a little bit more complicated when it comes to music and our mood.

For instance, the scientists at the University of Missouri scientists determined that in some situations, music can improve our general mood and the subjective sense of happiness in no more than a couple of weeks.

These effects are both psychological and self-directed, meaning that participants were suggested to do their best to light up their mood while listening to their favorite music pieces. Well, the results were as we expected them to be. It turned out that the music is a true source of happiness for all participants.

“Rather than focusing on how much happiness they’ve gained…people could focus more on enjoying their experience of the journey towards happiness and not get hung up on the destination.” According to the paper “Trying to Be Happier Really Can Work Two Experimental Studies,” which can be found in the Journal of Positive Psychology.

Music Works For Your Mood – For Real

Music Works For Your Mood

Here are some useful tips how you can benefit from the mood-boosting character of music:

Listen to the mood-boosting music early in the morning. Why? There’s no better and more positive way to start a new day. Right?

Your hormones are going to be extremely grateful. If you combine this activity with some appropriate light then you’re going to maximize the positive impact.

Fight your anxiety with a combination of music and meditation. It goes without saying that anxiety and depression disorders very often go hand-in-hand. That’s why you’re strongly recommended to meditate with some stimulating music in the background on a daily basis. You’ll be surprised how this combination can be effective for your positive mood.

Choose “influential tones.” Nowadays, the music artists aim to create music pieces that influence not only your brain but to your emotions, as well. You’ve probably heard about the binaural beats where tones are played in each of your ears separately. These positive rhythms allow our brain to influence our emotions more directly and efficiently.

Make sure there’s a pause between periods when you’re listening to music and enjoy the silence for a change. Why is this important? Well, the catch is to allow your brain to respond adequately. These pauses will help you to appreciate the music even more.

Go easy on hard rock and techno. It’s understandable that you may enjoy listening to this type of music, but make sure you don’t do it non-stop. If you keep the tension and powerful heartbeat over a long period of time, you can cause a negative effect on your brain and even open a door to both anxiety and depression. In other words, make sure you have the right “dose” of powerful rhythms for your brain and emotions.

Both tone and rhythm have a profound influence on your life and happiness. Listen to the most appropriate music pieces, you feel good about. Music is the key to happiness and has always been.